Youth Specialist
  • Job Posting Expires: 12/1/2021
3W ago
$0 to $10,000
Part Time
0-2 Years
Primary Duties

The major responsibility of the part-time position is to mentor and supervise 7th – 12th grade youth  at The Zone Afterschool Program.  Responsibilities include

1) Providing positive role modeling to youth by demonstrating positive attitude and behavior and by initiating activities and conversations

2.) Provide supervision in activity areas ensuring that appropriate behaviors are reinforced/praised and inappropriate behavior is corrected

3.) Assist with homework

4.) Other duties as assigned include some cleaning, special projects, and events.


Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
  • Good verbal communication skills

  • Good active listening skills

  • Ability to develop rapport with youth from diverse backgrounds

  • Ability to work limited nights and weekends. (special events)

  • Must be able to effectively initiate activities and conversations

  • Ability to establish healthy boundaries with youth

  • Ability to positively resolve conflicts

  • Knowledge of youth issues

Compensation Details




How to Apply

Please send your resume to or call us at 402-316-7037