Clubhouse Manager
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Restaurant & Food Services
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Primary Duties

The Clubhouse Manager is responsible for overseeing and conducting the day-to-day operations of the clubhouse, pro shop, and bar areas of Antelope Country Club. This position must put an intense focus on public relations and customer service to ensure that all members and guests are satisfied with their experience at Antelope country Club.

Basic Functions-Club House Manager:

· Responsible for all activities taking place in the Clubhouse
· Develops and maintains an operating budget including payroll, inventory, utilities, and all other expenses required to operate the facility
· Works closely with, advises, and coordinates with the Board of Directors on issues related to the Clubhouse.
· Works closely with the bookkeeper on accounting, financial and banking issues.
· Directs, manages, and trains clubhouse staff.
· Administers and enforces all Club rules, regulations and policies for staff.
· Responsible for maintenance and cleaning of clubhouse and cart storage areas.
· Management of Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable.
· Must be able to work independently and be a self-starting problem solver.

Primary Duties-Club House Manager:
· Manages the overall operation of the Clubhouse
· Oversees all tournaments conducted by the course and adding new tournaments.
· Maintain records of golf sales, rounds, etc
· Ensures correct use of POS system
· Sets and manages employee schedules
· Assures that all standard operating procedures for revenue and cost control are in place and consistently utilized
· Completes daily and monthly financial reports
· Plans and implements internal marketing programs and promotions for clubhouse, bar, pro shop and golf course
· Recruits, hires, and trains clubhouse staff
· Maintains appearance and cleanliness of clubhouse areas
· Enforces professional conduct and appearance of staff
· Manages rental cart fleet

· Helps develop annual operating budget for the clubhouse
· Ordering supplies and equipment as needed, within the approved budget
· Promote and Coordinate tournaments and related activities
· Create monthly newsletter and weekly email updates
· Update and maintain calendar of events on website and constant promotion of any Clubhouse and golf related events through social media
· Any other duties that the Board of Directors would see fit for this position


Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Knowledge & Skills Required-Club House Manager:
· Knowledge of bar and special events management
· Personal focus on record keeping – financial, inventory, payroll, workforce
· Skill in recruiting, supervising, training, monitoring, evaluating and motivating personnel.
· Interpersonal skill to resolve conflict and work with the Supt. of Parks and Recreation, Golf Course Superintendent, Golf Course Committee, employees, members, and the general public.
· Knowledge of the game of golf, golf rules and methods of play and hosting and running tournaments

Minimum Qualifications:
· Previous Management experience
· Computer skills required for budget/financial reporting and control of operations, including use of Microsoft Office Suite or other software
 · Proven focus on customer service
· Valid Driver’s License, along with the ability to Apply for and Obtain a Liquor License with the State of Nebraska

Additional summary of Duties:

Bar Management-Club House Manage the bar and the staff and also ensure that the required standards and regulations for the sale and distribution of alcohol are achieved and maintained. The key duties of Clubhouse manager are bar service and supervision, replenishing the bar, stock ordering and control, bar productivity, cost control of the bar e.g.: oversee prices and implement associated increase and quality of the bar service and regularly review bar operations.  Will also be responsible for providing meals for league nights, couples nights and any other function that may require food. 

Staff Management
The Clubhouse manager is asked to interview job applicants, hire staff and if necessary, the dismissal thereof (in consultation with the Board of Directors). The training of staff in the functioning of the bar, in methods and procedures, also teach them the principles of good customer service. You may also need to implement disciplinary procedures if necessary and report all serious breaches of discipline Board of Directors. To be able to manage the staff you need to set a good example with regard to attendance, attitude, hygiene, and punctuality. The Clubhouse Manager is not responsible for the management of Grounds Staff.

Club Premises
Ensure that the Clubhouse premises and are cleaned and kept in neat and sanitary condition.

• Club Promotion
In consultation with the Board of Directors develop programs to increase golf season passes and enhance Club activities including the promotion of the Clubhouse. Promote tournaments, couples’ nights and advertising.

• Administration Provide written reports for Board of Directors Meetings as requested. Ensure all legal and legislative requirements and documentation is maintained in accordance with club policy and procedures. Oversee staffing, arrange employee schedules, collect green fees, subscriptions and maintain up to date records of season passes, and issue season passes. Banking of all monies received for the General account and other associated accounts. File all receipts, gift certificates and other necessary documentation in accordance with club procedures. Implement the policies and decisions of the Board.

*Working Conditions:

Work is mainly indoor but may require some outdoor work and possibly in some limited extreme conditions.
Must be able to apply for and obtain a Liquor Licenses through the State of Nebraska. 

Compensation Details



No medical/ Insurance available


How to Apply

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