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The mission of Faith Regional Health Services is to serve Christ by providing all people with exemplary medical services in an environment of love and care.


Responsible for taking charge of staff and kitchen duties when the nutrition services manager is not in the facility. Responsible for meal preparation, snacks and supplements. Responsible for staff cleaning of the nutrition services kitchen and the dining room. This position will be required to work weekdays and some weekends. This position requires the ability to perform at a level which will enhance the long-standing mission and organizational values of Faith Regional Health Services.


Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Demonstrates ability to appropriately modify approach and procedures to meet needs of age/diversity of population served.

2. Incorporates cultural considerations in the provisions of care.

    • Knowledge of growth and developmental stages for residents served
    • Considers life changes/effects on health beliefs and behaviors
    • Provides necessary safety measures
    • Provides information and involves family/caregiver in decision making

3. Performs all responsibilities/duties required by the St. Joseph’s Rehabilitation and Care Center/Skyview Villa as defined in the scope of practice, to assure that the unique nature of the resident is addressed.

4. Prepares menu and/or tray for all therapeutic diets. Identifies prescribed diet:

    • Regular
    • Mechanically altered
    • High Fiber
    • Bland Diet
    • Clear Liquid
    • Diabetic
    • Full liquid
    • Sodium Restricted
    • Low Fat/Low Cholesterol Diets
    • Cardiac Diet
    • Nutrient restricted diet (fluid restriction, protein, calcium, potassium)

5. Selects for prescribed therapeutic diet.

6. Identifies references for nutrition information.

7. Determines need to use nutritional references.

8. Locates reliable and current nutritional materials.

9. Utilizes references to locate specific nutrition information according to instruction/diet order.

10. Coordinates and utilizes food preparation techniques.

11. Prepares food as indicated by food production sheets.

    • Reviews items needed for production of current day
    • Completes pre-pre-preparation for next day
    • Checks special functions for current day
    • Pulls items needed in the future

12. Follow standardized recipes.

    • Follows directions for selected number of servings
    • Uses correct measuring equipment
    • Uses pans, etc. to ensure adequate number of portions is obtained

13. Monitors storage temperatures.

    • Refrigerated fruits, vegetables, dairy products and other perishables 38-40 degrees F
    • Meat and poultry 33-40 degrees F
    • Frozen foods -10-0 degrees F
    • Dry foods 60-70 degrees F

14. Inspects food prior to preparation.

    • Uses "first in, first out" procedures
    • Checks expiration dates
    • Checks cans for dents and other imperfections

15. Prepares food.

    • Verbalizes purpose is to preserve quality, maximize retention of nutrients, and to obtain maximum yield of the product
    • Fruits and vegetables. Checks quality and freshness. Washes raw fruits and vegetables. Serves fruit at < 40 degrees F

16. Bakes, roasts, broils, grills, fries and steams meat, eggs, fish poultry, vegetables and other foods.

17. Monitors food temperatures when preparing foods prior to and during serving.

    • Colds foods held <40 degrees F
    • Frozen foods held <0 degrees F
    • Thaws frozen meats at refrigeration temps
    • Thaws frozen meats to prevent cross-contamination
    • Cooks meats to internal temp of 150 degrees F. 180 degrees F for pork
    • Hot food held > 140 degrees F
    • Identifies the maximum amount of time food can be held at 40-150 degrees F is 90 minutes

18. Handles utensils and dishes.

    • Handles food with a fork, tong, or other tool when serving
    • Does not touch eating or drinking surfaces of dishes, glasses, and silverware
    • Sanitizes dishes and utensils
    • Ensures dishes are free of breaks, open seams, crack, and chips

19. Verbalizes storage principles.

    • Identifies amounts of food to be saved versus discarded
    • Stores remaining quantity of prepared foods. Uses shallow, plastic, covered container; labels and dates; refrigerates; may be reheated the next day to 165 degrees F
    • Stores dry foods in highly covered airtight container
    • Avoids storing soaps, disinfectants and other nonfood items with food items

20. Serves food.

    • Dispenses food in a uniform manner using portion guidelines, unless otherwise noted
    • Assembles tray. Confirms therapeutic diet order; notes patient food preferences or dietary intolerance; ensures that items selected on menu are issued when marked
    • Assembles tray to look aesthetically pleasing, when able. Uses variety of colors; places items neatly on plate and tray; uses garnishes
    • Serves meal in a timely manner

21. Charge person when CDM or Assistant DM is not present.

22. Handles overall running of the kitchen.

    • Receives supplies-checking invoice slips against delivered supplies
    • Oversees nutrition services staff on duty - checking cleaning schedules, job duties, etc.
    • Closing kitchen - shutting off all equipment, locking doors
    • Receives new and change diet orders - communicating changes to nutrition services staff
    • Authorizes correct substitutes for foods not available on menu
    • Maintains a cheerful atmosphere in kitchen/dining area
    • Cooperates with nursing requests – changes

23. Performs cook duties.

    • Follows menus
    • Follows spreadsheets - serving size
    • Follows diet orders accurately
    • Follows recipes accurately
    • Test tastes food before serving for palatability

24. Prepares and serves food for independent living facility and nursing home.

    • Follows resident likes/dislikes
    • Accurately records food temperatures
    • Starts and finishes serving in a timely manner
    • Maintains temperatures of foods while serving
    • Follows sanitation rules and regulations in the kitchen (H.A.C.C.P.)
    • Follows necessary guideline temperatures when cooking meats, vegetables, soups, etc.
    • Performs Cleaning Duties
    • Follows cook cleaning schedules (daily/weekly)
    • Does extra cleaning when time permits
    • Helps others with cleaning duties when asked Cleans up spills/etc. in ovens, stove top, counter tops, etc., in a timely manner

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Job Requirements:

The requirements listed below must be representative of the knowledge, skills, minimum education, training, licensure, experience, and/or ability required.


GED or High School Diploma preferred.

Previous Experience Requirements:


 Technical Training in Institutional Cooking preferred

1-4 years of previous experience in hospital, nursing home, or restaurant setting preferred.

Skills/Knowledge Requirements:


Language Skills – Ability to read, write, speak, and understand the English language required.


Hours will be dependent on patient census and workload. Ability and willingness to work a flexible schedule, to include after-hours and weekends as necessary.

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Faith Regional Health Services is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We prohibit discrimination and harassment of any kind based on race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, genetic information, pregnancy, or any other protected characteristic as outlined by federal, state, or local laws.

Compensation Details

Based on Experience 


FREE Dental Insurance for employee only with two FREE cleanings each year 

FREE Life Insurance 

FREE Urgent Care visits for qualifying symptoms including medical dependents 

Paid Time Off – 24 days per year accrued in PTO Bank for new-full time employees 

Health Insurance option of High Deductible or PPO Plan 

Health Savings Account with FRHS monthly contribution of $75

Vision Insurance 

Short Term Disability Insurance 

Long Term Disability Insurance 

Critical Illness Insurance 

Accident Insurance 

Supplemental Life Insurance 

Wellness Discounts for Health Insurance  

Smoking Cessation Program 

Met Law Legal Services Program  

YMCA and other local discounts 

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