Substitute Paraprofessional and/or Secretary
  • Job Posting Expires: 4/30/2022
2M ago
$0 to $20,000
Part Time
Primary Duties

JOB GOAL:    To assist the teacher in providing education and instruction to students.

*NOTE:    This is a generalized job description and specific duties and responsibilities vary, depending on the school/assignment. Substitutes should be flexible in meeting the needs of the position.  Long-term substitutes are held to the same standards as the para-professional job description.



  • Respects personal privacy and maintains confidentiality regarding students and staff
  • Adheres to school and classroom procedures
  • Performs clerical duties such as attendance reports, typing, filing, and handling routine interruptions such as notes, messages and deliveries
  • Performs supervisory duties such as lunchroom, playground, halls and classroom
  • Prepares instructional materials, bulletin boards, educational games/aids, graphs and charts
  • Assembles materials as assigned
  • Checks papers, workbooks, homework and tests
  • Helps in the care and cleanliness of the room
  • Reads to students; listens to students read
  • Helps students with make-up work
  • Assists in individual or group activities, games, flash cards, drills, etc.
  • Alerts teacher to needs of students
  • Assists teacher in checking progress of individualized study projects
  • Assists with field trips
  • Assists when emergencies arise
  • Assists special education students as instructed with personal needs, daily living skills, therapy, etc., as required by the position
  • Performs other delegated non-instructional responsibilities as assigned by the teacher or administration.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

OTHER REQUIREMENTS (Intellectual, Sensory):           

  • Effective oral and written communication skills
  • Skills in human relations and leadership
  • Auditory and visual skills

Please Note:

  • Norfolk Public Schools will conduct a back-ground check on all substitute candidates.
  • Before you are placed on the sub list you will need to complete payroll forms in person. This includes copies of your driver’s license, social security card, and a voided check (cannot use a deposit slip).
  • You will receive a photo ID when all paper-work is complete.

Compensation Details

This is an hourly position varying from $15.00 - $16.36/hour.  Substitute paraprofessionals and secretaries select the days they work each week, so monthly wage depends upon the number of hours worked.


* Flexible Schedule 

* You select the days you want to work

* No nights, holidays, or weekends

How to Apply

Apply online at