Summer Production Intern
  • Job Posting Expires: 12/1/2021
2M ago
$0 to $10,000
Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing
0-2 Years
Primary Duties

Intern Eligibility & Info: 

Interns must be able to provide proper identification for employment eligibility. Interns will also be expected to comply with the policies established in the SFI Employee Handbook.

Due to bio-security, interns cannot work with any other swine or reside with someone who is working in another swine production system for the duration of the Internship Program.

Reliable transportation is required.

Candidates will be seeking a degree with emphasis in swine, animal sciences, or similar concentration, and a career in the pork industry or related profession. Ideal candidates will be in their final two years of study. One to eight candidates will be selected for the program.




Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities


It is the intent of SFI to provide the following values to its interns:

Discover hands-on, “real life” experience throughout the entire production system

Explore production focus area of your choice

Tour research barn, feedmill, & processor, as available

Shadow vets & managers

Engage in an independent research project(s), if applicable

Participate in supervisory and production meetings

Feedback from supervisory staff


Compensation Details

Compensation rate is anticipated to be $13.50/hour if housing is provided and $14.50/hour if housing is not provided. Housing will be the cost of renting the apartment and utilities; all other incidentals such as internet and cable will be the responsibility of the intern.

Interns will be reimbursed the IRS standard mileage rate for any mileage incurred on their personal vehicle above normal commute miles.



hands on experience 

How to Apply

If interested in our summer 2021 internship program, please submit a cover letter & resume to:

Schwartz Farms, Inc.
Attn: Human Resources
P.O. Box 306, Leigh, NE 68643
402.487.8204 phone * 402.487.2212 fax