Schwartz Farms, Inc.
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About Us

Founded in 1978, Schwartz Farms, Inc. (SFI) is a family-owned company committed to animal, environmental and socio-economic stewardship. Known for its quality pork production, SFI operates with integrity, excellence and innovation. Schwartz Farms is also a proud advocate of rural communities, employing over 400 full-time employees and working with more than 225 independent farm families across Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota. As a premier pork producer, Schwartz Farms embraces itself for a challenging and rewarding future…will you be a part of it? If yes, please consider our invitation! Schwartz Farms hosts summer internships in Minnesota and Nebraska, with emphasis on exposure to all phases of production, including breeding, farrowing and wean-finish. The internship also challenges incumbents to think beyond production, including research, nutrition and processing, to name a few. Unique to Schwartz Farms is a focus phase, which lets you play in your area of interest! To watch our internship video, please visit Of course, we also offer full-time employment opportunities. No experience? No problem! We know pigs, and we cannot wait for the chance to get to know you!