Sapp Bros., Inc.
  • 9915 S 148th St, Omaha NE 68138
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About Us

Sapp Bros., Inc. is a collection of 17 full-service, friendly travel centers primarily located on Interstate 80 from as far west as Salt Lake City, Utah to Clearfield, Pennsylvania in the east.  Sapp Bros., Inc. is also a leading petroleum wholesale distributer with a robust offering related to refined fuels, lubricants, oil, propane, diesel exhaust fluid, compressed natural gas, kerosene, additives, solvent, and many other associated products, services, and equipment.  Sapp Bros., Inc.  partners with nearly all petroleum manufactures to ensure their travel centers and 30+ wholesale outlets have the most in-demand products and services.  A history of steady and sustained growth has allowed Sapp Bros. Petroleum & Sapp Bros. Travel Centers to operate for over 45 years and have made it their primary focus to treat people kindly and fairly.  Relationship-based customer service has given Sapp Bros. the opportunity to establish countless long-term friendships with its customers and business partners.